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06 Nov Why Should You Bring A Date To The Pouching?

Weddings are the best places to bring a date, platonic or otherwise! The venue and food have already been secured, the air is awash with bliss (or drama), and you’re pretty much guaranteed to slay it on the dance floor, because at that portion of the night everyone has embraced their feelings and their native fierceness, much like an Asian girl at a Calvin Harris concert in Vegas (seriously, was there some sort of migration during Halloween?).

Some of the best memories of our budding relationship have been during our friends’ weddings, whether it’s witnessing a symbolic lantern being lit against the Carmel Valley night sky, a filmed-and-edited-in-one-day music video set to Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally,” a first flamenco performed to the triumphant swell of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, a red backless jumpsuit making its way across the dance floor, or a joyous Indian dance party in The Happiest Place on Earth.

These are the reasons why we encourage a buddy system during The Pouching:

1. There will be a limited supply of single bichons, so it’s BYOB. The “B” stands for “buddy” because we respect women.

Monalisa Hassan


2. Judging is a pairs sport.

Stephanie Werner Thom Scher figure skating


3. … But shit-stirring is a team effort! Load up your table with a date who will keep the conversation going and the inappropriate laughter flowing.

The Pouching wedding guests brewing trouble


4. We like you so much, we’re paying for you and your companion. Eat and drink to your heart’s delight, friends, because you deserve it.

Dani Zhao throwing money in the air


5. Feeling feelings is best when you’re feeling them together.*

The Pouching wedding guests


*Seriously, Foley, bring a date.

Joyce + Wayne holding The Pouching lantern


Joyce + Wayne


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