The Pouching Engagement Party in New York City

09 Oct What You Learned At The Pouching Engagement Party

On Saturday, October 3, 2015, the League of Extraordinary Friends of the Pouch, NYC Chapter (with members from DC and Chicago branches) converged upon a lovely home in Chelsea for our engagement party. These are their stories.

♦ First, many thanks to gracious hosts Samantha, Cam, Bryce and Campbell, who tolerated our general foolishness with great cheer. We appreciate everything you did to create a treasured lifelong memory, and we’re tremendously lucky to have you in our lives.

♦ Second thanks to Wayne’s little bro Andy, who flew in from Chicago the previous day, promptly got sick from the deleterious New York air, spent Friday night chugging cold medicine and shivering on our Queen-sized air mattress in the living room, braved Saturday afternoon traffic to indulge us in our bi-annual dim sum outing in Chinatown and still managed to look profoundly spiffy in a new royal blue suit at the engagement party. Of course, Wayne ruined it all by calling out Andy’s alcohol-flushed red face when everyone was gathered in a circle for speeches. Classic Wayne.

♦ Wayne has also permanently ruined Chipotle for Michael Fan by describing the colors of the pouch. #ColorMatchYourButthole

♦ To our coupled friends who want children, Joyce enjoyed pointing out the (well-dressed, well-spoken) munchkins Bryce and Campbell. Her repeated commentary: “This could be you in 10 years but you playin’.

♦ To this end, Sampath is shocked, absolutely shocked, that Joyce wants children. Point of clarification: Joyce wants children with Wayne.

♦ When Uncle Campbell prompted the group for embarrassing stories about Joyce and Wayne, Neha took one for the team by kicking off with the first speech, as per her Best Woman duties. She has also volunteered (no pressure!) to pull together a co-ed bachelor party for Wayne. Thanks for the inspiration, Rachel!

♦ As Wayne’s childhood friend going waaaay back — like pre-natal way back — Al shared a heartwarming story about visiting Wayne in college and witnessing Wayne in full Charity Fashion Show mode, doing hair and makeup for his future wife. Joyce piped in, “That was some other girl.”

Sampath and Michael Fan made glorious speeches that referenced Joyce’s AKPsi pledge days, with a minimum of sleazy anecdotes (thanks, guys).

♦ Lauren made Joyce cry into her flawlessly balanced, fresh lime juice margarita. “It’s just like the ending of Mulan!” Joyce wailed.

Colin took one for the team and stayed the entire time, even dragging Amy into the pouch.

Megan took one for the team and showed up in pearls and a dress.

♦ Everyone was looking high-octane that night. There is a scorching photo of Emma, Andrea and Joyce in matching reds-to-orange.

♦ And now, for some shade: Monalisa told Joyce, “Yeah, when I was on my way to meeting you, I said, ‘there’s no way I’m going to like this b*tch… but I did!'”

Michelle took The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test and discovered that her true character match is Narcissa Malfoy. Sorry bout it.

The Pouching Engagement Party with Family

Thanks to everyone who popped by the party; we continue to be amazed by how much you care about us, and we promise that behind our smug carapaces, there is… a sensitive pouch. And today, it is swollen with happiness.

Joyce + Wayne holding The Pouching lantern


Joyce + Wayne


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