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22 Feb What We Talk About When We Talk About Pouch Jewelry

Joyce isn’t one of those Girls Who Isn’t One Of Those Girls. But she does get hives inside jewelry stores (and bridal salons), so every piece of jewelry she owns has been lovingly sourced and purchased by someone else, usually Wayne. Also, every piece of pouch jewelry she owns comes with a sentimental story. These are their stories (chung chung).

The Pouching Atelier Swarvoski Viktor Rolf Frozen Crystals Bangle

Joyce was searching for an accessory for our friends’ weddings last year; Wayne was searching for new and creative ways to make Joyce look more like his mother (hi, Mom!). Enter the reasonably priced yappie creations of Atelier Swarovski, which Mrs. Hwang uses for all her costume jewelry & drag-as-a-form-of-expression-and-armor needs. Wayne chose this Viktor & Rolf rosegold crystal bangle because it was geometric, Art Deco-influenced and bold without tiptoeing into tackytown.

In general, Atelier Swarovski’s offerings are relatively solid. There’s even a mini collection inspired by the jewelry of Hobbit Queen Cate Blanchett in Cinderella!

Speaking of Hobbit Queens, here is the bangle in action. Kindly ignore Joyce’s Wayne-designed dress making a run from the hills — that’s the subject of our next post (the dress, not Joyce’s bangles).

The Pouching Vintage Rose Gold Hair Comb

For the engagement party that Wayne’s Aunt Samantha and Uncle Campbell generously hosted last October, Wayne wanted us to dress like our Pouching puppets, with a little bit of pizzazz. He delved into his Rolodex of Shade and remembered when he first became friends with Joyce. More specifically, his vague impression of her style as “fairy-like,” as he may have mentioned one night while they platonically traipsed in the rain after an outing at an Irish pub in Hell’s Kitchen. So, fairy she would be, beautiful and terrible as the morning and the night, fair as the sea and sun and snow falling on cedars in a stately, tedious novel about race relations.

Hence, this vintage rosegold hair comb from Etsy. It nicely contrasts with Joyce’s frizzy hair (he said, affectionately).

The Pouching Rose Gold Koala Engagement Ring

About a fiscal quarter into the relationship, Wayne realized that he wanted to put a ring on it. So he set forth to design a thoroughly bibbidi-bobbidi-boo-worthy ring. With little ears.

The rosegold koala engagement ring that Wayne envisioned and commissioned was the first manifestation of The Pouching. The two koalas — yes, there’s a little one clinging to the big one — or is it the big one clinging to the little one? — represent the fleshy and spiritual bond that we share. The warmth of the rosegold is a nod to our heritage (yellow, plus feelings), while the double band is a testament to us taking things a little too far. You’re welcome.

Joyce + Wayne holding The Pouching lantern


Joyce + Wayne


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