How To Dance At The Pouching

24 Mar How To Dance At The Pouching

One of the reasons we chose Villa Montalvo for our wedding venue was tasteful versatility of the location; as dinner winds down and the first strains of sweet synth pop start wafting in the air, there’s a space just for you, whether it’s the lounge for taking tea or the library for cuddling with Pouch-approved, non-feral babies or the solarium for hiding behind the wedding cake (don’t hide inside the cake, though). We do hope you’ll join us on the dance floor, though, and to that end, we have assembled a brief tutorial on the mating dances of The Pouching. Also, an actual tutorial here: Easy Wedding Dancing.

So, when the beat drops, you’ll know what to do, whether you dance like Ariana Grande sings or dance like Ariana Grande… dances.

Focus on us! (Hot Cha Cha)

Joyce + Wayne holding The Pouching lantern


Joyce + Wayne


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